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A Deadly Electrical Fire you Need to Know About

The calm on the surface belies significant faults within US economy that will inevitable result in an economic firestorm

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Worth a Look: 16 January 2018 Edition

The January 16 edition of Worth a Look is out! Featuring articles outside this site that are worth taking a look at.

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Media Darling Bitcoin Volatile, Unloved Asset gets a Hopeful Boost

Gold remains a tried and true method of wealth preservation

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John’s Goals for Twenty-Eighteen

I share some of my goals for 2018

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2017 Year in Review

I review how I did with my 2017 goals shared one year ago

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I’m passionate about investing and I want to share my investing journey with YOU.

I’m an autodidact in the financial world and seek to preserve and grow my wealth through low cost alternative investments.

Sometimes I make money, sometimes I lose it, but I always learn and want others to learn from my mistakes.

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