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Stocks are Overpriced and Due for a Significant Crash

Despite the pullback over the past few trading days, the S&P 500 is still far beyond the highs during the dot-com bubble and subsequent bust as well as the housing bubble and subsequent great recession. If the fundamentals supported the S&P 500 at these...
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Dow Drops 4.6% as Volatility Skyrockets

The Dow Falls 4.6% while volatility rockets upward and gold remains stable.

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Crushing Debt in the United States Limits Economic Growth

The United States faces crushing, unrepayable debt at the Federal, State and Local level. This is one of the three main areas of faulty wiring in the US economy that will eventually result in a conflagration.

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The Real Economy is Weak

I previously wrote about how this time is not different how there are systemic problems with the US economy and the economy at large. I wrote how there is the economic equivalent of faulty wiring in a building. You don't know exactly when the building is going to burn...
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A Deadly Electrical Fire you Need to Know About

The calm on the surface belies significant faults within US economy that will inevitable result in an economic firestorm

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