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I want to give credit to Bitfinex. They paid back all their IOUs by redeeming 100% of all BFX tokens.

These BFX tokens were issued as a placeholder for Bitfinex account holders who received a haircut of 36% when 119,756 BTC was stolen from Bitfinex on 2 August 2016.

Back in January I sold my remaining BFX tokens for .55 USD per token. If I had held onto them today I would have gotten 1 USD per token.

With the benefit of hindsight that was not the best call.

However, it’s pointless to evaluate a decision based on information that wasn’t available at the time. I don’t think I could have known that Bitfinex was going to aggressively redeem the IOUs at such an accelerated pace.

With that in mind I made the best decision I could with the information available to me at the time.