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If ever there was a case study on the advantages of name recognition and first mover it is Bitcoin. There are dozens if not hundreds of altcoins technologically superior to Bitcoin, that have a market cap significantly lower than Bitcoin. Some of the major Bitcoin flaws I see are the following:

  1. Bitcoin is slow, taking a minimum of 10 minutes per transaction but realistically at least 20 or more minutes.
  2. Bitcoin transactions are expensive
  3. It is energy intensive

Let’s say you want to use Bitcoin to buy a $2 cup of coffee. You’re going to have to pay $0.36 cents, wait 10 minutes for the transaction to get picked up, and nearly all vendors require 1-2 transaction confirmations to prevent double-spending. It doesn’t work practically speaking.

And yet the Market Capitalization of Bitcoin is over $143 billion. The next closest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, doesn’t come close, having a market cap of $18.8 billion.

The price and Market Capitalization of Bitcoin peaked in December of 2017. The market cap was as high as $327.1 billion on the 16th of December.

Bitcoin was groundbreaking and truth be told I still own some Bitcoin. But I believe that if another cryptocurrency took its place as the biggest crypto by market cap it would be a good thing. I’m calling for the death of Bitcoin.

I also think this provides an investing opportunity, or perhaps more realistically, a speculative opportunity. There are a variety of other cryptocurrencies that excel far beyond Bitcoin in a variety of ways, be it speed, security, anonymity, energy efficiency, user-friendliness, the list goes on.

I think this provides a speculative opportunity. Cryptocurrencies like EOS or other projects with real-world use cases could go up dramatically in value. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies and a lot of them will probably be worth very little in the mid to long term.

It’s worth educating yourself on the various cryptocurrencies projects apart from Bitcoin. It might be worth investing in a few if you think they could have future promise.

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