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Register Your EOS tokens Before June 1

Register Your EOS tokens Before June 1

If you’ve purchased EOS tokens and haven’t yet registered the wallet in which they reside you’re taking a big risk! Up until around June 1 EOS will have only existed as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and with the actual EOS network scheduled to go live on the first of June it’s important to register your EOS tokens.

If you don’t you will lose your EOS!

For a more detailed explanation check out Episode #4 of the Exploring EOS podcast which covers three ways to register your EOS tokens, more specifically moving your ERC-20 tokens to an Ethereum wallet that is registered to receive the actual EOS tokens set to be released in the earliest days of June. I’ve gone with the second option listed in Episode #4.EOS cryptocurrency

There will likely be a lot of volatility leading up to and during the launch of EOS. If you are interested in speculating on EOS there could be some good buying opportunities. I believe if EOS does go live successfully that the price will jump up quite a bit.

I expect a number of people have sold their EOS rather than risk with a botched launch or deal with registering their tokens and are waiting to buy back once EOS has successfully launched.EOS Cryptocurrency

I also think that if/when EOS is available for US and Chinese cryptocurrency speculators that the price will further increase. Currently EOS is not available in these jurisdictions.

Block.One is the company who has created the EOSIO software for which EOS is the token.. Their mission stated as: “ designs free market systems to secure life, liberty, and property by publishing open source software that is free for everyone to use.” EOS cryptocurrency that allows for the creation of decentralized applications. EOS is sometimes said to stand for “Ethereum On Steroids.” EOS is also the greek goddess of the dawn.

Ethereum was intended to be used to create smart contracts and distributed applications. However, to my knowledge Ethereum has never gotten beyond ERC-20 tokens and the DAO was a colossal failure which resulted in Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Time will tell if EOS is able to actually deliver a “killer app” that thus far has eluded it’s spiritual older sibling.