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President Biden’s physical and cognitive decline prior to and during his Presidency has been apparent to anyone willing to see it.

However, until recently the far-left media has discounted or simply ignored anything regarding the Commander in Chief’s mental or physical health. That all changed with the presidential debate on June 28th. All of a sudden the far-left echo chamber was calling for Biden to withdraw from the race:

The far-left powers, including most if not all of the legacy media, major Democrat donors, and senior Democrat leaders, believes Trump is basically Hitler and must be stopped. They believe the ends justify the means and no action is too extreme to stop Trump. Anyone opposed to Trump, including and especially Biden is to be blindly supported with the utmost of enthusiasm. Any issues with Biden such as dubious mental competency or corruption are comparatively insignificant in the context of the dire and overarching goal of defeating Trump.

If Biden had a decisive lead in the polls, the far left, I believe, would be content to ignore his physical & cognitive decline, as they have for the past 4 years, and continue to back him. The fact that the clothes have no emperor matters little so long as the emperor isn’t Trump. Any debates would have occurred after the nomination and the far-left powers would have talked about how great Biden did in those debates, focused on how terrible Trump is, and dismissed anything that Biden did poorly as being due to a cold or a stutter or some such other excuse, to extent they’d even address any Biden shortcomings at all.

So what changed on June 28th? Did the far-left media wake up and decide they should be impartially reporting on the relevant physical and mental health of the Commander in Chief of the United States? Were they unaware of the President’s physical and cognitive declines up until they saw it on display at the debate? Did Democrat leaders decide that maybe the person in charge of the nuclear “football” should be able to walk down stairs unassisted or consistently be able to form coherent sentences? Of course not.

What happened is the left-wing powers that be: the aforementioned far-left media, large Democrat donors, and Democrat leadership in general, realized that Trump has a good chance of winning the 2024 presidential election. They watched the polls in fear, they saw with trepidation how Trump’s conviction in New York was a huge fundraising boon for his campaign with little to slightly positive impact on his polling. They’ve witnessed a number of criminal cases brought against Trump collapse or be delayed. Their fear and trepidation had grown into terror and then into horror, we’re talking Apocalypse Now level, Colonel Kurtz/Marlon Brandon horror.

Their darkest fear loomed large before them: Trump re-elected to the presidency in 2024.

Of course, to the far-left, this is the worst thing that could possibly happen: Trump has to be beaten at all costs, and if Biden can’t do it, he needs to be replaced with someone who can.

So, the left-wing powers contrived to have an early debate, prior to the Democratic convention, earlier than any prior Presidential debate. This was a way to at least test, if not outright setup Joe Biden for failure, so that if it didn’t go well, they could attempt to replace him at the convention.

Furthermore, contrary to CNN’s practice, the June 28th debate was not that tilted against Trump, as any other CNN debate would be against Trump in particular and Republicans in general. The format, with the muting of mics, the split screens, having stairs on the stage, did not setup Biden for success. They actually asked Biden hard questions.

The debate and the timing accomplished two things. First, it provided a trigger, an event in which the far-left powers could pivot from ignoring Biden’s obvious physical and mental to decline, to now pointing it out: “Wow, Biden looked and sounded terrible,” his health is now in question. Of course they already knew about Biden’s mental and physical shortcomings, but this was the excuse needed to lift the omerta on discussing Biden’s health.

Secondly, the left-wing powers need to put pressure on Biden to drop out before the August 19th-22nd convention, so that an alternate candidate with a better chance of defeating Trump can be officially nominated. If he were to drop out after the convention even more chaos than what has already transpired would ensue.

This does bring up an interesting question: why did President Biden agree to the debate at this time? The Biden campaign could have waited to agree to a debate until after the nomination or Biden could have refused to debate “a convicted felon,” or come up with any number of excuses that under normal circumstances the far-left media would support and justify on the Democrat’s behalf.

Although it’s hard for me to believe, perhaps Biden, or whomever is telling him what to do, genuinely thought he would do a good job in a debate. In contrast to most folks’ reaction, I didn’t think Biden did that bad in the debate, which says more about how low of expectations I have for President Biden than anything else. Perhaps Biden’s advisors and family thought this would actually silence the internal naysayers that doubtlessly existed even prior the debate and help confirm Biden is indeed up for the task of being president for four more years.

Given how hard his handlers work to avoid putting him into a situation in which he does anything but read off a teleprompter, something he struggles with anyway, this is perhaps the least likely explanation. Furthermore, it doesn’t actually explain why the debate timeline was moved up to begin with.

Another reason why Biden agreed to the debate could be because of some internal betrayal by his less loyal courtiers and the far-left powers, who encouraged him to do the debate knowing he wouldn’t do well so that he could be pressured to step down and be replaced with a more viable candidate.

They could have convinced him and his loyal courtiers that he would do great, he’d mop the floor with Trump and knock Trump out of the running and an influx of Democrat donations would flow into campaign coffers. Maybe they convinced the Biden campaign to do the debate earlier, since he’d be less further along his steady path of cognitive decline and then he wouldn’t have to debate closer to the election, where he will inevitably have fewer periods of lucidity.

The most likely explanation is perhaps a combination of the above, where Biden was setup to some degree, combined with overt behind the scenes pressure by senior Democrat powerbrokers, donors, etc, that Biden’s cognitive decline is becoming obvious, and he has to go out and debate and prove he has still got it, as a condition of their continued support. This is theory is bolstered, albeit weakly, by “Dr.” Jill’s very odd affirmations directed at Biden, in which the first lady praised the President like a small child who just completed his first test at school in spite of a bully saying he was dumb.

So who would be nominated in a brokered convention? Vice President Kamala Harris is the de facto successor, but the unlikable Harris would do even worse than Biden against Trump. So replacing Biden with Harris accomplishes nothing to prevent a Trump victory. Other names thrown around are California Governor Gavin Newsome, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and even former Senator, Secretary of State, First Lady and twice defeated presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton. Although, there could be backlash if Harris is passed over for Whitmer, Newsome, or Clinton:

Time will tell if Biden (or his handlers) insist on clinging to power or if he will drop out. I don’t think the far-left powers that be can overtly force him out of the race. They can pressure him, withdraw support, and publicly call for him to drop out, but he won the Democrat primary and is the presumptive nominee. In any normal situation the convention would be a formality.

However, damage has been done: after the debate the Democrat powers didn’t circle the wagons and cover for Biden’s performance. In doing so they took a big risk, because they’ve damaged Biden’s campaign for no reason if the 81 year old doesn’t step aside.

If Joe Biden did care about the United States, and was acting in the country’s best interests, something I question has ever been among his primary motivations, he would step down, but to quote President Obama, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f!#k things up.”