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Value Stock Picks

Below are the value stocks I like. Prices are as of 17 November 2017, data is from Google Finance. The “Time” column indicates when I first wrote about the stock and the “Initial Price” indicates the price at that time.

I share if I would still purchase these stocks to subscribers of the free HowIGrowMyWealth Email Newsletter.

CompanyTickerTimeInitial PricePriceReturn
Panterra Gold PGI on ASX Oct'16 A$0.08 A$0.039 -51.25%
Alio Gold (previously Timmins Gold) ALO on TSE Jan'17 C$4.75 C$4.33 -8.84%
Kirkland Lake Gold KL on TSE Feb'17 C$10.03 C$17.97 79.16%
Centerra Gold CAGDF on NYSE Feb'17 $4.97 $5.94 19.52%
Suzuki Motor SZKMY on NYSE Feb'17 $157.99 $212.75 34.66%
Ares Comm. Real Estate ACRE Feb'17 $13.47 $13.16 -2.30%
Korea Elec. Power KEP on NYSE Feb'17 $17.72 $17.35 -2.09%
FutureFuel FF on NYSE Mar'17 $14.16 $14.49 2.33%
Enzon Pharmaceuticals ENZN on OTC Mar'17 $0.2499 $0.32 28.05%
AmTrust Financial AFSI on NASDAQ Mar'17 $18.45 $9.05 -50.95%

22 May 2017 Update: Timmins Gold (TMM on TSE) was renamed Alio Gold and did a 10:1 reverse stock split. I initially picked TMM in January of 2017 when it was trading at C$0.475. I’ve changed the symbol to ALO with a price of C$4.75 to reflect the new name and the reverse split.

The March 2017 stock picks of FF, ENZN and AFSI were first shared on the HIGMW email newsletter on 31 March 2017 and the article Value Stock Picks – March 2017.

The February 2017 stock picks of ACRE, CAGDF, FESNF, KL and SZKMY were first shared on the HIGMW email newsletter on 2 February 2017.

The January 2017 stock pick of TMM was first shared on the HIGMW email newsletter on 29 January 2017.

The January 2017 stock pick of KEP was first shared on the HIGMW email newsletter on 9 January 2017. The writeup for KEP and BPY can be found in the article Value Stock Picks – January 2017.

For the writeup on stocks where the Time is listed as October 2016, November 2016 or December 2016 see this article: Value Stock Picks – December 2016.


As of 31 March 2017 John owns shares of PGI, TRTN, NE, TMM, SZKMY, ACRE, CAGDF, KL, FF, ENZN and AFSI.

Prior Picks

CompanyTickerTimeInitial PricePriceReturn
Mt. Gibson Iron MGX on ASX 10'16/01'17 A$0.29 A$.38 31.03%
Triton Int'l TRTN on NYSE 10'16/01'17 $13.19 $22.50 70.58%
Nissan NSANY on NYSE 12'16/01'17 $19.58 $19.89 1.58%
Anthem ANTX on NYSE 11'16/01'17 $46.83 $48.435 3.43%
Transocean RIG on NYSE 12'16/02'17 $15.42 $14.01 -9.14%
Korea Elec. Power KEP on NYSE 01'17/02'17 $18.27* $18.19 -0.438%
Noble Corp NE on NYSE 10'16/02'17 $6.34 $7.28 14.83%
Brookfield Property BPY on NYSE 01'17/02'17 $22.17 $22.97 3.61%
First Real Estate FESNF on OTC 02'17/03'17 $0.946 $0.925 -2.22%

* 1 April 2017 Update: I wrote about opening KEP in Value Stock Picks – December 2016 at a price of $18.27. The closing price was $17.81 on 9 January 2017, which would be a 2.1% return. I referenced this price in the HIGMW Email Newsletter “RIG and KEP” sent on 2017-02-01. But I think the $18.27 is a more accurate price to use (for a return of -0.438%) since that is what I referenced in the article.

Data is from or Google Finance.