A Low Cost Way to Buy and Store Physical Gold

Goldmoney (formerly branded BitGold) is a fantastic way to buy and store physical gold.

You can buy and sell gold for just 1% over or under spot price. I don’t know of a lower cost way to buy and store physical gold.

You can choose to store your gold in six locations throughout the world for jurisdictional diversification. These locations are administered by Brinks, are fully insured, and each .1 gram of BitGold you own actually exists in their vault.

You have the option to redeem gold in 10 gram, 24k gold cubes. I personally own over 20 grams of gold via Goldmoney.

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Goldmoney has put together a great video less than 3 minutes long that explains more of the benefits of this great investment.

If you sign up for a Goldmoney personal account using the link above and purchase at least .1 grams of gold within 7 days I will receive a gold bonus but more importantly YOU get a gold bonus as well.

You get free gold equal to 10% of your deposit, up to 1 gram, for your first deposit made within 7 days of opening an account. So if you open up an account and deposit .1 gram of gold (less than $5 in today’s prices) you’d get .01 grams of gold for free.

Depending on your jurisdiction, you can send Goldmoney to others, and use it to pay for services. This is incredibly useful technology that has the benefits of physical Gold, with the ease of use for transactions that electronic currencies have.

I’ve determined that Goldmoney is great way for me to have highly liquid, purchasing power preserving diversification outside of fiat currencies. It excels in four out of five of my Investment Goal Categories and could be a great addition to any portfolio.

In the interest of full disclosure I own shares of Goldmoney traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange ticker: XAU.